Sunday, 30 March 2008

Art exhibition

This was not a huge success. There were not many people there, perhaps it was the weather, or poor publicity, or...who knows. I sold several cards, and now have pictures ready in frames, which I will display at the guest house. I have sold a total of four pictures now, as well as lots of cards, some of which I make from pictures I like parts of! It is an amazing feeling to sell a picture and think someone actually likes it enough to hang it on their wall - or enough to give it to someone who might or might not hang it on their wall!

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Cowboys & Custard said...

I wish you lived closer or vice versa.. I would have come and seen your lovely paintings..
Craft fairs can be real hit and miss affairs from my meagre experience.. you never know who will walk through the door.
I see you have Leonard Cohen on your playlist.. hurrah!! I managed to get the last two precious tickets for the O2 arena concert this summer..They sold out in seconds!!