Saturday, 22 March 2008

3BT by Vanessa

1 - Finding my glasses. I lost my reading glasses after the setting up of the art exhibition of earlier posts. When I called in the next day, there they were, and the lovely lady who had found them had discovered them in the road! Oh dear, old age is creeping in. Not only did I feel bereft without them, although I have other pairs of over the counter ones, but the fact of somehow dropping them in the road, is not boding well!

2 - The art exhibition. When we set it up, it was rather chaotic. The hall had not been prepared before the arrival of the pictures and lots of people. There were people up ladders, fixing bits of plastic, people standing around looking a bit fed up, and people sorting out pictures and hanging pictures as soon as the bits of plastic were in place. It looked like it could never be ready! But, yesterday, a setting of perfect calm, at St. Kew Parish Hall, near Wadebridge. Lots of pictures, many of a very high standard, yummy cakes as well.

3 - Snow. Coming outside to a little flurry of snow this morning. The changeable British weather. People walking past, all bundled up for winter. The picture above was not taken today, but way back in Nov 2006 I think.

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