Thursday, 20 March 2008

Art Exhibition

Since this is intended to be a craft related blog, it is high time I added some craft, or art work. Several local art groups which are lead by the same teacher, Wendy Parkyn, are having an exhibition from 21st - 27th March, and I have managed to include a few pieces of my work. I rushed about today to get them framed, and the lovely man at Stable Art in Bodmin did a great job, and they all look far better than they did! And far better than in these photos, which don't show the frame and in which a moon has appeared in the centre of each picture, as the light was nearly gone by the time I had the opportunity to take a picture. Of course, I will probably have plenty of opportunity in a week or so to take leisurely photos, but, just in case they all sell, I took these! There are some fantasitc paintings in the exhibition.

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