Friday, 29 February 2008


We are going away for a few days, and the most fun bit about it is that Simon does not know where we are going! I love organising surprise meals or breaks, and taking us off in the wrong direction and generally confusing him! He knows we are only going about one hour away!


1 - counting down to Simon becoming 50 in a few hours time

2 - friendly people in Treknow

3 - getting organised before going away like I never usually do

This picture, St. Michael's Mount, is nearer to where we are going than where we are now!

Jonathan, Simon's cousin, will be looking after the house, Barney and Ted.

29th February

I proposed to Simon this morning.

He accepted.

Only one problem.

We are already married.

Oh well.

Thursday, 28 February 2008


I've got the lingo - Three Beautiful Things.

I am struggling already. I may have to resort to 2 FA - 2 fairly acceptable things. No, I shall discipline myself to do this properly.

1 - having more energy to get on with things in the house and get the guest house ready for Spring.

2 - the buds on the camelia, just bursting to open. Most camelias seem to be out or nearly over, but this must be a late variety - a good thing really, as they so often get caught by frost.

3 - the sound of the sea as we walked the coastal path in the gloaming

3a - the word gloaming

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

three beautiful things

I have just been looking at a blog entitled three beautiful things. This is really self explanatory, but a lovely discipline, and I think I may try to add these to my blog whenever I do a post.
1 - a rooky-raveny-crowy jackdawy affair flying past with a huge stick
2 - the various cupboards and shelves I had been meaning to paint for ages which I painted yesterday
3 - the 'Mrs Baggit says take you Litter Home' sign which my neighbour found abandoned in his Council depot and knew I had craved for years! This will ony make sense to anyone who has lived in/visited Cornwall for years, but represents a campaign in roadside parking places many years ago. Needs a bit of a clean up and some graffiti removing, then I will post a picture.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Identity crisis

We now have three dogs, Sky, Berri and Barney. Berri and Barney's names get confused and we are wondering about changing Berri's name. He is not as brown as a berry, does not have Berri-Berri, and it is not the best name, all in all. We originally called him this to move away from the Bailey he came to us with, but not too far away! His full name is Berenti, a place we visited in Madagascar on our honeymoon.

He may become Biscuit. He seems somewhat indifferent to that, but we don't want to confuse him. He does not understand the word biscuit to mean a tasty snack, fortunately! Here is Biscuit Berri Berenti at Crackington Haven last year. I use this photo as my picture of me on Facebook! I am still addicted to Scrabulous, but managing to curb the cravings better.

Monday, 25 February 2008

rooky-raveny-crowy-jackdawy affairs

Here's one! See earlier post to understand what I am on about!

Uncle Maurice 2!

Brief follow up to the post I did before we saw Uncle Maurice a few days ago.

I told him I had written a piece on here about him. I said I had described him as a 'pacifist and socialist' and asked if that is still accurate. He told me it used to be. I asked what I should correct it to. He said - 'pure genius'. Fine, I go with that.
I had also stated that he is definite about his opinions and likely to let me/anyone know that things I/they hold dear are nonsense! He thinks the internet is a waste of time...
The photos are not very good. The first is obviusly the Uncle in question, sat next to some idiot who hadn't even realised anyone was using her camera! The second is of Barney heading towards the compost heap at UM's house, as he described in a previous post.

Lack of blogging activity

I have not been very active on here recently.
As I feel rather uninspired on the writing front, I will just add a couple of photos! Typical me, adding Valentine's cards well after Valentines!

These have all been made on the embellisher machine. One has had beads added to the heart.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Barney's blog

I have been on holiday with Simon, Vanessa, Sky and Berri. We went by car to Rye. I like to be in the car. I sleep all the time, and take up loads of room. It was nice at the cottage in Rye, because there were possibilities of getting food off the work surface. I only managed once, when I got almost a whole loaf of bread. I ate it very fast.

On the first day, we went to see uncle Maurice. He is 95. After the uprights had a meal, we all went to the house and the other dogs played with the children. I found a big container in the garden, with yummy bits of food in. I managed to eat quite a lot. It is called a compost heap. I played with a little girl, she gave me a stick and we had fun.

On the Monday, we went to see Lovely, in Eastbourne. She taught me how to eat bread nicely, and we went for a walk on the sea front. Some people have wheels instead of feet, that is funny!

The next day we went to see Uncle Peter. He took us to see the docks at Dover, and to Folkestone and a special place where they ahve taken all the soil out of the tunnel under the sea and made a spceial place for wildlife. I trampled all over it and made sure the wildlife would not be too prolific.

On Wednesday, we sat in the garden and Vanessa did a painting, it is rubbish.

On Thursday, we went to see Uncle Maurice again, and I ate more compost. Berri weed on my head, it was my fault, I put my head under his tummy at the wrong moment.

We came home on Friday, although it still does not feel quite like home here yet.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Uncle Maurice

This weekend we are going to Sussex to celebrate my Uncle Maurice's 95th birthday! I am very proud of Uncle Maurice, he is an inspiration. He still goes to writing classes, lives independently and can operate a computer. He is sharp and witty, and hugely knowledgeable, his memory is far better than mine. He has won through various physical illnesses, but his thirst for life and new knowledge overcomes all else.

Maurice is a socialist, a pacifist, and he is not afraid to offer a controversial opinion when he sees fit. He has three daughters, whom he largely brought up alone, as his wife died in her early 40's. He ran a succesful nursery for many years, mainly growing cyclamen. He retired when the storms of 1987 blew away most of his greenhouses, taking away the decision as to whether he should repair them or not!

I can't wait to see him and his family, and to be beaten into submission on some value I hold close that turns out to be wrong!