Monday, 10 March 2008

Storm watching

This was not taken today, but on another stormy day. We visited Trebarwith Strand this morning, when it was wet and wild and again this evening, when it was wet and wild and dark. For anyone reading this who knows the area, the water was thrown right up to the Port William pub, where I got a complete soaking, of the take-your-breath-away type. I can still taste salt, hours later.

1 - Ted, pussy cat, sleeping all through the storm
2 - actually getting my new sewing machine out of its box and threading it up and having a go. I have been a bit scared of it, but it is great.
3 - Sky, dog, being all scared of the storm and having to spend the whole day in the annexe, where it was a bit quieter.

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Lovely's Blot said...

Norma took one look outside and decided that she didn't need to pee all day! Mandi ran out into the garden in desperation and then ran back again as quickly as he could!