Friday, 28 March 2008


I have neglected 3BT for a few days

1 - The man who rang who had found Simon's filofax yesterday - is this a cheat, as I already mentioned it! But, it was extra beautiful!

2 - The chocolate bunny I found in one of the guest rooms which a kind guest had left for me, I mean us. We ate his ears first, then I ate most of the rest of him. His ears were enormous...

3 - Our newly refurbished polytunnel. It has had the potting surface redone, so that there will not be pools of muddy water forming all the time, and another bed formed, as well as the doors rehung and made possible to open without moving a great piece of stone to get in each time. I have no excuses not to use it. Time? Oh that old thing. The picture was taken in 2006, and is what I now need to aspire to for this year, although possibly with less weeds. Sweetcorn did not do well in the polytunnel, and was happier outside. I wish I approached gardening with glee, but it mostly is with anxiety as days pass and nothing has been done and the weeds start to get going. I use to have a little walled garden, this was great, I would love to create something similar in a part of this garden, but can't see how that can be arranged.

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