Tuesday, 25 March 2008

I've shrunk!

During a routine blood pressure etc. appointment with the nurse at my GP surgery, I was measured, for the first time in many years. I have shrunk by nearly an inch. This is rather a shock, I didnt realise that the shrinking process would have started yet. That makes my BMI even worse than I feared. I think I was bending, I should have pushed my head up more!

What with that and leaving my glasses in the road, I don't think much of this aging process, it gets you in all sorts of little, unanticipated ways, just when you think all is well.

Ho hum, could be worse I suppose.

Simon has lost his phone, brand new Filofax and certificates he needs for work, somewhere this morning, he knows not where. As he is always leaivng and losing things, I did not take it too seriously, but it would be a real pain if it has truly gone this time.

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Cowboys & Custard said...

You are not alone Vanessa.. last time I measured myself.. I found I had shrunk ½ and inch.. I daren't look any more!
My memory seems to have shrunk too these days and my eyesight.. if only my waistline would do the same!