Sunday, 27 January 2008

rooky-raveny-crowy affairs

This is what I call big black birds whose identity I am uncertain off. It should include jackdawy affairs as well. In the summer we see swifty-martiny-swallowy affairs. I do try to learn which is which, but it all goes out of my head again.

Anyway, today there were lots of rooky-raveny-crowy-jackdawy affairs on the telephone lines. But, only about two or three on each line, and, most significantly, always near the pole. After seeing these for a few hundred yards, it dawned on me that they were staying near the pole because the line is saggy and they would not be stable if they were nearer the middle of it. So, then I wondered how they learnt to do this. They have a reputation as intelligent birds. Do they learn by landing in the middle of a line and then doing an ungainly swing around it and gradually finding the edge a better bet, does their mum/mates teach them, or is it in the genes? If it's the first of these, I hope I one day see one at the swivel stage.

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Lovely's Blot said...

I have several jackdawey affairs that live in my garden and around my roof. They sit on my chimney pot and shout down the chimney to wake me up. Occasionally they fall in and rustle around until I open the chimney, open the bedroom window wide and seak outside. It doesn't take them long to find their way out!