Monday, 21 January 2008

Needlefelt Challenge

This is the first time I have taken up a challenge set online. It is from M Embellish, and the subject is 'Sandwich'.

I started by making a sandwich of needle felted
wool with an inner of bought felt (hope that is legal!?) on my embellisher.

Then I cut the sandwich into thin slices.

I laid the slices sideways.

I made a red piece of felt on the embellisher.
I lightly hand needle felted the strips into place, to hold them when using the machine. I wanted a few gaps to let the red show through. Then I used the embellisher on it.

I cut it to size, about 2 by 3 inches. I added a few beads.

I'm quite pleased with it, for a first go. I think it has come out with more definition than it would have if I had simply used pieces of roving on a background. The beads could have been a bit more zingy and there could have been a few more red areas showing through. It is an open sandwich and 'normal' sandwich in one! It will probably appear as a card in due course.


NuvoFelt said...

Well done. A very valid sandwich! Yes, bought felt is 'legal'!

Michael House said...

Thank you, most difficult part of the process was uploading the pictures in sequence, there are still ridiculous gaps! Look forward to tackling further challenges, and perhaps doing larger items!