Sunday, 6 January 2008

Me again!

Hi, this is another of me, Barney. I think I am a handsome chap. I can spell better than that daft cat as well.
This is a section out of the first letter i wrote, to relatives in Austria.

'Today, I went upstairs with Simon and he left me in his study for a little while. He had very kindly left two boxes of chocolates on his desk for me. I only managed to eat one box, the other one fell under a filing cabinet which was very annoying, as I could not get it out. When Simon came back, he was cross with me, I suppose for not having eaten the second box of chocolates he had given me. He won’t let me have them now. Sometimes there is food on the floor in a little bowl as well, but Simon always stops me eating that, I don’t know why. He says it is for Ebony. Why doesn’t she just gobble it all up when she gets it, silly cat, she obviously does not need it. It is a good room to go in, I like it there, you never know what you might find. Oh, I like Simon too, he is looking after me a lot, he says we spend so much time together that we are ‘one’. That is silly. He is human, I am a dog. How would that work, a humog, or a dogum? I don’t think so.'

OK, the next post can be for Ebony.


Stan said...

Hi Barney
Stan here.
I'm not allowed to eat chocolates....but then I'm not a Chocolate Labrador.
Today I went to hydrotherapy. It's like swimming while attached to a chain. It was great.
There was a squeaky plastic chicken there. Everyone loved the noise it made. But then somehow it disappeared!?
See you soon.
Love Stan
PS My Step-Mum says my Dad's pedantic. I think that means he's really clever because he spotted that Vanessa misspelled environment on the websire homepage.

Michael House said...

Hello Stan,

I don't like the sound of swimming attached to a chain. This evening, Berri, who likes me, got hold of my lead, and was so excited. He tried to take me for a walk, but it was a bit humiliating, as he is a baby compared to me. What is an environment? Vanessa can't find the place where she got it wrong, and if it is on the main website, then it was not her anyway! and, what is a websire???!!! love Barney