Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A New Addiction

Using the embellisher day and night?
Washing the floor?
Doing the laundry?

Nope. None of these, although I would at least like to be using the embellisher. I have been introduced to Scrabulous (Scrabble to you and me) on Facebook. Now I have 8 games going, and have to keep checking if it is my turn! I suppose it is slightly brain expanding, and it can fit around other activities, well, it must. I will be back on here later, must go and check if it is my go...


Lovely's Blot said...

Someone else mentioned facebook scrabble on their blog the other day. How do you do it? I must give it a try. Something to stop me being bored at work!

Michael House said...

You have to join Facebook. I think I can invite you, I will try. I have got 16 games going at the moment, I didn't mean to start so many, but put out an invitation, and that is what happened! Glad you found my new blog! Sorry work is so boring. V x