Tuesday, 15 January 2008

common ground

Yesterday I made a start at adding comments to other people's blogs, as I want to make this process interactive and make contact with people. I put a comment on the Cowboys and Custard blog, as I have enjoyed reading it for some time, and it seemed a friendly place to start! Michele contacted me by email and we have lots of things in common - love of and periods living in Cornwall, love of felt making, and, perhaps strangest of all, an appreciation of the work of Geoffrey Oryema, a musician from Uganda with a tragic past, who plays and sings the most moving music. Oh, and cats who look similar! Thank you Michele for making me so welcome to the world of blog communication.
This picture is of young lads leaping into the sea at Trebarwith Strand. Tombstoning I think? At first when I saw them, I looked away in horror, and thought it all extremely dangerous, and the rocks below seemed to be directly beneath them. Then, I thought, 'just one photo'. Then, of course, I was desperate for them to jump, and silently goaded them on. It took several shots to get an actual one of someone in mid air! They all seemed fine and full of the excitement of it all when they got out. I think it is a local rite of passage.
There was no intended connection with my above post when I chose this shot, but I can see a 'jumping in' connection! I just wanted a reminder of summer, so dreary is the weather at present, so wet and generally gloomy. But, you do have to jump in to get the full benefits of life. I won't be doing this particular jump next summer though.

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Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Vanessa
Thank you so much for your comments or I should say Ted's!.
Thanks too for the lovely email.. I will get back to you
I don't know if I mentioned that we stayed at the Mill Inn a couple of years ago and walked down to the strand one evening.. it was wild a rugged but what I remember most was the eccentric decorations of the quay... lovely place.