Monday, 14 January 2008


Here is a picture I did some time ago, and which I have sold, and I am pleased with it. I was actually quite torn about selling it. I love the idea that it is being enjoyed on someone's wall, well I hope it is being enjoyed!

I discovered recently on another blog I visit ( must find which one and attribute this) how to spell bleurgh! This is how I have been for the past few days, have just slept and slept.

Did a picture of the view over the sea I posted a few days ago, but Wendy, our tutor at the art class I attend, after pulling all the components apart, decreed it a 'a bit of a disaster really'. Now, I don't always agree with her, but, on this occasion, I do. I have had it around, with the aim of just catching sight of it every now and then. It is not pleasing! I will not, therefore, be posting it here. I may well put up pictures, embellished things with which I am not totally pleased, but not yet!

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