Monday, 14 January 2008

felted brooches

These are some of the felted brooches I have made with my Janome embellisher. I have sold/given as presents quite a few, so these are what is left! Until I make some more. I love using the embellisher, but seem to get through a lot of needles. I now also have a sewing machine, so hope to bring the two together and add machine stitching to the felt. This is a rubbish photo. I notice people apologise for their photos on other blogs, but they mostly look fine to me! I guess it is acceptable to blame the light at this time of year.


Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Vanessa
I have just bought a felted animal kit on Etsy. It is made with the needle felting technique.. I haven't tried this yet but looking forward to it.
I very much like your corsages...


Michael House said...

Thank you, that was a quick response! Needle felting is really fun, but I seem to be getting through some needles on the embellisher.