Monday, 25 February 2008

Uncle Maurice 2!

Brief follow up to the post I did before we saw Uncle Maurice a few days ago.

I told him I had written a piece on here about him. I said I had described him as a 'pacifist and socialist' and asked if that is still accurate. He told me it used to be. I asked what I should correct it to. He said - 'pure genius'. Fine, I go with that.
I had also stated that he is definite about his opinions and likely to let me/anyone know that things I/they hold dear are nonsense! He thinks the internet is a waste of time...
The photos are not very good. The first is obviusly the Uncle in question, sat next to some idiot who hadn't even realised anyone was using her camera! The second is of Barney heading towards the compost heap at UM's house, as he described in a previous post.

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