Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Identity crisis

We now have three dogs, Sky, Berri and Barney. Berri and Barney's names get confused and we are wondering about changing Berri's name. He is not as brown as a berry, does not have Berri-Berri, and it is not the best name, all in all. We originally called him this to move away from the Bailey he came to us with, but not too far away! His full name is Berenti, a place we visited in Madagascar on our honeymoon.

He may become Biscuit. He seems somewhat indifferent to that, but we don't want to confuse him. He does not understand the word biscuit to mean a tasty snack, fortunately! Here is Biscuit Berri Berenti at Crackington Haven last year. I use this photo as my picture of me on Facebook! I am still addicted to Scrabulous, but managing to curb the cravings better.


Lovely's Blot said...

Why not call me 'madagascar' (Gaz for short!)

Michael House said...

I know you really mean Mad for short!