Wednesday, 27 February 2008

three beautiful things

I have just been looking at a blog entitled three beautiful things. This is really self explanatory, but a lovely discipline, and I think I may try to add these to my blog whenever I do a post.
1 - a rooky-raveny-crowy jackdawy affair flying past with a huge stick
2 - the various cupboards and shelves I had been meaning to paint for ages which I painted yesterday
3 - the 'Mrs Baggit says take you Litter Home' sign which my neighbour found abandoned in his Council depot and knew I had craved for years! This will ony make sense to anyone who has lived in/visited Cornwall for years, but represents a campaign in roadside parking places many years ago. Needs a bit of a clean up and some graffiti removing, then I will post a picture.


Lovely's Blot said...

I saw two rooky-raveney things sitting side by side on a TV ariel holding beaks

Michael House said...

perhaps the girl one was planning her lines to propose on 29th Feb?