Saturday, 16 February 2008

Barney's blog

I have been on holiday with Simon, Vanessa, Sky and Berri. We went by car to Rye. I like to be in the car. I sleep all the time, and take up loads of room. It was nice at the cottage in Rye, because there were possibilities of getting food off the work surface. I only managed once, when I got almost a whole loaf of bread. I ate it very fast.

On the first day, we went to see uncle Maurice. He is 95. After the uprights had a meal, we all went to the house and the other dogs played with the children. I found a big container in the garden, with yummy bits of food in. I managed to eat quite a lot. It is called a compost heap. I played with a little girl, she gave me a stick and we had fun.

On the Monday, we went to see Lovely, in Eastbourne. She taught me how to eat bread nicely, and we went for a walk on the sea front. Some people have wheels instead of feet, that is funny!

The next day we went to see Uncle Peter. He took us to see the docks at Dover, and to Folkestone and a special place where they ahve taken all the soil out of the tunnel under the sea and made a spceial place for wildlife. I trampled all over it and made sure the wildlife would not be too prolific.

On Wednesday, we sat in the garden and Vanessa did a painting, it is rubbish.

On Thursday, we went to see Uncle Maurice again, and I ate more compost. Berri weed on my head, it was my fault, I put my head under his tummy at the wrong moment.

We came home on Friday, although it still does not feel quite like home here yet.

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