Saturday, 3 January 2009

Resolutions proper

OK. Thinking about what I want to achieve in 2009 I have found there are really two areas I want to focus on.

I want to develop my business and take more risks, not just stay in the safe niche i could choose. I plan to offer cheapish evening meals to local people again, e.g. curry evenings, and make Michael House available to groups of people to have meals or arrange meetings or other events, craft weekends etc. i am planning a curry evening at the request of someone locally, probably for the beginning of February. I am also aware of the need to consolidate what I have achieved so far, and need to establish which of my marketing strategies is most effective, by keeping better records of how people found us.

I want to develop my creativity. I don't only mean in making things or painting, but also in tackling the uncertainly of the coming months in financial terms, reducing dependency on new things, using what I have effectively, altering and improving things, be it clothes or decorating parts of the house, which is due a freshen up. I need to get my craft room working properly for me, make it feel inviting and less cluttered, so that I get more of my ideas into reality.

These are things I feel positive about, not just chores I could rewrite each year with no progress.


Lovely's Blot said...

Sounds very organised! My brother was asking about you the other day and I was telling him about your Guest House and its success and saying that you were actually quite a good business woman! Thanks for the limmerick btw!

Michael House said...

thank you Lovely! yes, it does sound organised looking over it, just hope i can get it under way. Still feeling very positive. Trouble is, i want to do all of it at once! then i will flit about like my namesake, the butterfly, now residing in the porch!