Monday, 12 January 2009

A little observation

I sometimes press 'next blog' at the top of the blogger page, just to see what there is out there. This can be quite addictive, sometimes I have found interesting art, craft or literary blogs, or have followed links on to other blogs and probably then lost track of where I started out! My observation, however, is that in my surfing, I come across less and less in English. Less too, in our alphabet. I assume this is a reflection of how popular blogging has become, and the increase in people blogging all around the world, and those in English are becoming a smaller proportion of the whole. Many have photos, so the language is secondary.

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Debbe said...

Hi Vanessa!

Thanks for the nice comments on my,the turquoise things on my blog are actually cuff style bracelets, but wow, what a great idea, NAPKIN RINGS!! You could sell them at your B&B! When I had my B&B, I also had a small antiques shop, and I had many of the things in the actualy B&B were for sale( with discreet little prices on the bottom), so people could see how this tablecloth or that vase looked and they wanted to buy it, I sold a LOT of stuff that way, people would buy pictures right off the walls,lol! Can you just imagine the gorgeous napkin rings you could make? Hey, have you ever tried using a water soluble stabilizer under the roving when you are using the Embellisher? I find it works well to keep the finished piece from shredding and falling apart...You have given me some great ideas, I am going to try and post some more pictures on my sight now, enjoy your day! Warm wishes from chilly Canada! Debbe