Monday, 6 April 2009

mi go, mi go, mi go

i hav not ritten on heer for a long time. i hav not been allowed on heer, as she nu i wud say tru things abowt her. i kan now say that i hayt mi new bel. it is hewj, insulting. and it is on a koller with a diamondy hart. i hav tried to get it off, butt it wont go away. it is to friten off the babi berds and the naybors scardi kat.

vanesser fownd this blog, bi a bear. she thincs we rite similarli. now, that is so rewd, he is just a stuffd beer. i am a propa, reel, living kat. he dus seme to be a bit ov a selebrety bere thow, so may be i wil suk up a bit. luvli beer.

I am praktising mi evill luk. befor bel. evill luk did not werk.


Lovely's Blot said...

i am glad I haf found yu. I am Norma..even tho I am owld and deaf I can still give my upright a hard time when she is not qwick enuf with the fud. I can't remember much now except it is awlwayz time for fud!

Michael House said...

wel, ov corse it is orlways time for fud,wot else is ther? oh, bashing up kats. kan i bash yu up?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


HOO YU CALLIN STUFFT??????????????

I'm reel, I am!
I'm a REEL Bear.
I've got knees!
THAT'S how yu can tell a reel Bear from a stufft 'traynor Bear' (yewzd for traynin irrysponsibol hewmans to carfter a Bear an offen seen hangin from prams).

Wat a cheek!

That IZ an evol look tho.


Anonymous said...

Oh..I feel for you. It's so unfair that bell.. big hugs! You made my DAY!

Jackie said...

Bob IS a real bear. Leave those birds alone...I have a cat here that does exactly the same.