Friday, 20 March 2009

Less Ness

This is what I am aiming for, at any rate. I have started Weight Watchers. It has been looming for some time, but I have been putting off the moment. I am doing it on-line, Simon has joined up too, we both have health related matters which would be best tackled smaller! So far, I have lost 4 pounds and am managing OK, but feel very hungry tonight. I like the structure of the 'Tracker' to keep my food intake under control. We have quality chocolate each day, and this I am enjoying far more than when I was scoffing a bar of chocolate a day, it is now a real treat, to be looked forward to. I promise not to go on about it too much here!

No, of course this isn't me! Thank you Internet for lending this image, hope it is OK to do so.


Jackie said...

It could be me though!
I have weight watched for many a year but have vowed never to do it again..I mean go to the meetings. I lost weight easiest when I started eating a low GI diet becasue i was diagnosed as diabetic. I lost about a stone without trying but then got reckless and have put it all on again. Good luck.

Michael House said...

I am at the enthusiastic early, motivated stage at present! But, I have been here before, and each time I put weight back on, I put a bit more and then get used to that being my norm. I hated the meetings when I have been, so on-line may be better. Thank you for your good wishes.

Menopausal musing said...

That photo made me laugh out loud! Wonderful! x