Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Three Beautiful Things

This is my monthly picture of the view from where I sit at my computer, or just outside the window, taken on 11th April. The camelia is just hanging onto it's last flower. The echiums are growing apace, as is the grass.

Today, it is easy to think of three beautiful things, sometimes it is harder:

1 - Finding a lovely little place on the cliff top, surrounded by coconut smelling gorse, with a natural cushion and arm rest, to have a little rest

2 - getting loads on my list of to dos, done, bills, cards etc., now in the post

3 - getting further underway in the polytunnel, planting seeds, weeding. I always feel so positive that this year it will go well, even when I have had a disappointing year, such as we did last year.


Lovely's Blot said...

Looks like spring is coming finally!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello there!
Echiums.. ah.. now there is something I remember from my parent's garden in Cornwall.. Spectacular plants but not fond of frost so too cold here for them.
Oh.. the sun has just come out... hurrah!


Lovely's Blot said...

Are you still there???? No recent blogs..hope all is well!