Monday, 8 October 2012

Looking back

It is nearly two years since I have written in this blog.  That is largely or entirely because I have been addicted to Facebook for the past few years!  There is far more interaction, response, it is more instantly rewarding, and I do like instant gratification!  Uncle Maurice has just died, aged 99 and nine months, and I knew I had posted a blog or two about him.  I have therefore been looking back at some of my posts.  They represent an interesting recap of some of the things that have happened, my craft work, and my thoughts.  I could have left  out the 3 beautiful things posts though, nice idea, but a bit long winded.

I feel sad that my lovely uncle has died, and cross with him for depriving the family of a happy get together for his 100th birthday!  However, he was ready to go, he had not been fully  aware for the past two years.  In his nursery, which he ran for many years, he particularly grew cyclamen.  Simon bought me a beautiful white cyclamen on Saturday after we heard he had died during the night.  That made me howl, but was just perfect.  This picture is of Uncle Maurice, aged about 96.  He was a thinker, he thought I was incapable of thought and we had minor bickers all the time.  He dismissed anything he knew nothing of, Facebook was 'rubbish' for example.  He was a writer, he wrote until the last couple of years.  I always adored  him and will miss him dreadfully, although I have missed him already for the past couple of years when he has been in a care home and not really aware of the world around him.

I may try to write in here more often and link it to Facebook somehow...

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