Saturday, 15 January 2011

Being creative

Although it is many months since I have posted on this blog, this does not mean I have been entirely uncreative, just that I have not written about it!

The craft event to which I refereed in the last post did not happen.  Thank goodness really, as we were so busy with the guest house, that I did not have any time to make things in the summer.

However, we did have a stall at an event in Exeter at the end of November.  This galvanised me into making a lot of Christmas cards and some lovely little doves as decorations.  But, the sales were not good, but we did promote Michal House well and that part was a success.  i think the cards did not do well, as there were charity cards available at vastly cheaper prices.  I thought my work was actually pretty good!  if we do that event, organised by Animal Aid, in the future, I will have a smaller stall and focus on promotion of the guest house, with a few cards available.

I am currently engaged int eh endless task of sorting things out in my craft room, getting rid of lots of magazines on Freecycle etc.  then I must make a load of cards to sell over the summer, when we do tend to shift quite a few.

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