Sunday, 7 June 2009

oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

It is so long since I have posted a blog on here, it is really a disgrace. I now have some of my work in a local shop, which is fun, will see how it goes, and have some photos I must post here. But, the season at the guest house is taking off well, and I have an obsession with the farm town game on Facebook, so I know I will only occasionally post on here over the next few months. I think I shall have to accept, I am a winter blogger! I also have a post to do about Barney on the animals blog! No, Barney has a post to do.


Helena said...

How exciting that you have things in a shop now! Good luck with that!

Debbe said...

Hi Vanessa!

How great that you have things in a shop! With our move to the new house, I am hopefully going to have my things in a knitting shop as well, and will be giving classes as well. So glad the guest house is doing well! I did a high end craft show two weeks ago and it was very successful! Met a woman who ordered quite a few things from me and she wants whatever I made that is new and different - take good care, we have to be better bloggers,lol! I am terrible at this!

Anonymous said...

I love your felt below.. and I don't know if I'm even a winter blogger. We'll have to see.
Please post more of your work. I'd love to see it.

Helena said...

Hope all is going well!