Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I think I need to list three beautiful things today, as I have not been seeing much as beautiful. Sometimes, reminding myself of how lucky I am and that I have a great life just makes it worse, as then I feel gulty as well as miserable. I am having difficulty getting up at present, I think there may be a little SAD effect on my affect. Anyway, enough maudlin introspection, on with the 3BT.


oh, I know...


Being amongst people at the art group and eating, err cake. Oh, and creating a reasonable pastel picture.

At last having a card machine for guests to pay on. It has a clock on the front, so that will be useful. Oh dear, that is really scraping the barrel of beautiful things.

Anticipation of tomorrow when Berri will hopefully be able to cast his lampshade aside and walk proud and tall again, if slightly lighter underneath.

And now, Ted the cat has just fallen into the recyclling bin trying to get my attention to let him in. 3BT and 1AT.

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