Monday, 24 November 2008

Shopping in Truro

We ventured to the vast metropolis of Truro, for a spot of Christmas shopping today. It was fairly quiet, pleasant and we had several food and drink breaks. What I noticed however, was how out of touch with fashions I have become and what a country cousin I now am! I haven't worn a skirt for months, it never crosses my mind to do so even! Yet, here were all these women wearing skirts with lovely boots and looking generally great. I bought some make-up for someone for Christmas, and it was extortionately expensive. I began to understand why, on Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 yesterday, someone rang in to say that the new 45% tax threshold of £150,000 'wasn't much at all, and barely enough to get onto the property ladder', which I had previously considered a preposterous statement.

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Lovely's Blot said...

It's amazing how expensive it is to live in a town or city..yestersay in London, £7.00 for travel card, £1.80 for a coffee, and then when in desperation we has lunch in Tescos the other day because we were in a hurry it was £9.00 for two horrible jacket potatoes and two drinks! Maybe you should put up your prices! On a positive note 'Ian' sold a trailer on French Ebay yesterday for more money in £s than he paid for it 9 years ago!