Thursday, 16 October 2008


We visited Sennen the other day and had a wonderful day, seeing where Jonathan, Simon's cousin has moved to in St Just and we had lunch in Sennen, a favourite place of mine. Whilst there we managed to get clamped in the car park, as we forgot to get a ticket, so preoccupied were we with dogs, sorting out a table in the great cafe/restaurant which overlooks the bay, etc. The clamping man was lovely, very good at defusing any potential angst, although we had no excuse, but I tried the hopeless female rout, it did not work. I did not try it, I was it! He had previously worked in the army, including service in Iraq. He had doubtless defused rather more than angry immobilised people.
The dog in the pictures was mad, he kept jumping up at the sky. His leaps didn't seem co-ordinated with the high waves, perhaps he jumps up for fish when the boats come in, who knows. He appeared to live there.

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