Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Where to start?

It is so long since I have made a post on here, that I do not know where to start.

We have had a hectic season, and from now on the busiest times are more restricted to the weekends. Despite the weather, July was our busiest ever and the rest of the summer has been good as well. As we move into autumn, there are more walkers coming this way and there are a few weekend weddings and parties for which people need somewhere to stay.

I just heard from someone who stayed in early July. he was walking from land's End to john O'Groats, so was at the beginning of his travels. He made it, he lost four stone in weight and he recommended Michael House as one of the best places he stayed! So, that was lovely, he also made lots of money for the charities he was seeking sponsorship for.
I recently sold the above picture. It was framed when I sold it, so looks better than this!
We also recently visited the Devon Open studios www.devonartistnetwork.co.uk. I love attending Open Studios. they provide an opportunity to meet artists, see them in their working environment, have a nose at their home and garden in many cases, and get a real feel for what they are doing. We saw about five in all, over two days, they were quite a long way off, over Dartmoor, and we had gorgeous weather, so spent quite some time enjoying that. In the process, we fell in love with Dartmoor, an area we didn't know well, but thought would be wonderful, and it is.
I have some photos to upload, so will do another post with photos soon.


Lovely's Blot said...

welcome back.. have missed your postings. Glad you had a good summer. You are obviously getting quite professional at the landlady job!

Michael House said...

I am gradually working my way through all the mistakes there are to make. There are a lot. Then, i will start through them again.