Saturday, 3 May 2008

three beautiful things

1 - A goldfinch sitting on top of an echium, swaying in the breeze. This is not my photo, this one is sitting atop a teazle, which is a popular choice. He, or she, was singing away for quite a time. Perhaps they have nested in the garden. Must keep Ted away.
2 - Seedlings peeping through the compost in the polytunnel, at last!
3 - Despite being a life labour voter, and a keen supporter othe GLC of years past, I am not entirely disappointed with the new mayor of London, he is such a character, and we should be in for some fun! Perhaps if I still lived in London, I might have a different view. Maybe Ken can now step forward for consideration for PM? - once he is reelected as an MP, of course! Perhaps including this in 3BT is a tad overstating my views, but there it is...

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